River Gravel (Egg Rock) #4

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Marietta River gravel #4, also known as egg rock #4, is a decorative material typically used in dry creek beds, aquariums, ponds, walkways, as well as a variety of other projects. These beautiful smaller stones will help give your garden a more unique and modern appearance. Pine Straw King Landscape Supply proudly provides the highest quality river gravel 4 at the lowest prices for all of your landscaping projects.

Marietta River Gravel #4

Our fine Marietta river gravel 4 is composed of small ¼-1 inch pieces of rounded stone of various colors. Shades such ranging from white to tan help give your projects a unique look. You can even use these landscaping stones in paving by setting them in a concrete aggregate mix. This will help your walkways and driveways have a unique look and overall aesthetic.

River gravel can be used for decoration purposes in areas of high visibility. These landscaping egg rocks are typically used for driveways, walkways, decorative ground cover, riverbeds, ponds, and many other areas. Marietta River gravel 4 can also be used around plants and shrubs because these small round stones let water easily soak through to the roots of any greenery you may have in your garden.

Marietta River gravel may be covered by dust, sand, or other impurities when first purchased, but will wash away after rain or rinsing. These stones also make a great choice as beds for water gardens, ponds, riverbeds, or terrariums, and even aid in beneficial bacteria growth. If you want to add depth and vibrant colors to your garden or other landscaping projects, Pine Straw King Landscape Supply is your premier choice. As always, we offer prompt delivery, professional installation, and the highest quality stones available. 


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