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Buy Marietta Premium Topsoil's and Dirt

Pine Straw King Landscape Supply has proudly established itself as a reputable and trusted partner for all your landscaping endeavors in Marietta and Metro Atlanta. Whether your project involves a comprehensive property transformation or a charming flower bed makeover, PSK Landscape Supply is your steadfast ally, providing convenient doorstep delivery of top-quality topsoil. As one of the leading Marietta-based topsoil suppliers in Georgia, we offer a diverse range of topsoil options, including nutrient-rich organic topsoil, visually appealing blackened topsoil, and meticulously screened topsoil that's free from debris. Our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way, offering expert guidance and competitive rates to ensure your landscaping vision becomes a reality. Reach out to us today, and let us enhance your landscape with our premium topsoil options – your local landscaping partner, PSK Landscape Supply, is just a call away!

Cost-Effective Atlanta & Marietta Topsoil - FAQ

Why Is Bulk Topsoil Better Than Bagged Topsoil?

We are premier bulk suppliers and openly advocate bulk orders and purchasing. Bulk ordering is more cost-effective than purchasing bagged soil, as smaller items are often notably marked up due to packaging, retailing, and marketing costs.

Bulk purchasing also helps to save you time by not having to go to a store, shop around, and wait in line before driving back home. With bulk orders, you can give us a call and we deliver directly to your door, with no need to visit a store.

Additionally, with bulk ordering you’re far less likely to run out of topsoil in the middle of a landscaping or gardening project, at least on short notice. Buying in bulk helps ensure you always have an ample supply of soil for whatever your landscaping needs may be!It is also important to note that once topsoil is bagged, it cannot be tested. We perform routine quality-control tests on our various landscaping offerings regularly.  Dr. Murphy herself has stated that bagged topsoil rarely has enough nutrients on it’s own, while stockpiles of topsoil do. This holds particularly true with organic and blackened topsoil.

Holding a stockpile allows us to add composting material as needed to ensure healthy microbe activity. In case of a bagged soil, a supplier will never open up a bag and repackage it to test its quality or add compost material.

What is Topsoil?

This is a fairly common question that people ask. It is not uncommon to see people confused, attempting to distinguish between garden soil, topsoil, native soil, etc. To help make things simpler, here is a brief breakdown of what topsoil is:

According to the director of the Rutgers Soil Testing Laboratory, Dr. Stephanie Murphy, topsoil makes up the earth’s uppermost layer, which is dense in minerals. It is made of four basic components – mineral particles, organic matter, water, and air. She states that topsoil is darker in color compared to the various layers of soils underneath it. This darker shade is a result of organic matter present in topsoil. The organic matter can be living, dead, or decaying. Such matter can be made of animals or plants – both single-celled and multicellular.

Topsoil, according to Dr. Murphy, is “The Most” valuable soil. The topsoil can reach a depth of 4 to 12 inches.Topsoil is known to be loamier compared to sand-based soil or clay. It helps retain moisture, eliminating the need for frequent watering. Additionally, it is rich in nutrients because of the organic material present.

Topsoil is important because it has a diverse biome of microbes that keep producing beneficial nutrients for your plants. If you pay close attention, you will notice that topsoil has the highest concentration of roots. This happens because this layer is where plants derive most of their essential nutrients. Topsoil is rich in both carbon and nitrogen. Carbon is responsible for providing energy to the plants, while nitrogen aids in tissue formation. Now that you have an understanding of what topsoil is, you must learn about the different varieties of Marietta topsoil available and their general uses.

What is CompostedTopsoil?

Blackened topsoil is nothing more than composted soil. A mixture of mulches, barks, wood fibers with small amounts of dirt is used. Ash is also often mixed in. The organic material present breaks down naturally, with the resulting microbes forming a nutrient-rich mixture. Our blackened topsoil is natural and adequately screened to get rid of any larger pebbles or debris. Blackened topsoil is a great choice when it comes to laying sod, as well as a good option for a wide variety of plants

What is Organic Topsoil?

Organic topsoil is made using a mixture of composted manure and various organic matter. Wood fibers, mulches, barks are some of the organic matter used in making organic topsoil, with a small amount of natural dirt being added as well.As with blackened topsoil, the dirt is thoroughly screened to get rid of any larger pebbles and debris. A small amount of ash is typically mixed as well. Organic topsoil is a superior choice when it comes to gardening and growing vegetables.

What is Screened Topsoil?

Screened topsoil is a natural soil, and is not deliberately blackened. This type of soil contains the top layer of brown dirt along with mulch or other organic material. It is processed at exclusive sites using specialized machines that help to remove a majority of rocks and sticks, leaving behind a highly tillable soil. Screened topsoil is preferred when it comes to general landscaping needs or gardening projects that simply require good multipurpose soil.

How Does Composted and Organic Topsoil Differ from Screened Topsoil?

Screened topsoil consists of only the top layer of dirt, with nothing added to it. This is why it retains its natural brown color compared to other soils. On the contrary, blackened or organic topsoil contains composting materials that are made out of small quantities of top layer dirt and various organic wood fiber products. This compost material is what gives blackened topsoil its characteristic color.

Screened topsoil is meant for general landscaping and planting projects. Blackened and organic topsoil, on the other hand, are primarily used for planting vegetables and other varieties of plants.

Organic topsoil, in particular, is an excellent option if you do not want to use fertilizer while gardening. This soil is nutrient-rich and produces all the essentials your plants require to grow strong.

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