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At Pine Straw King Landscape Supply, we offer a variety of mulch types / colors to suit your needs. Our selection of beautiful color options are ideal for various functions and settings.  Order online or by phone. We Deliver and off optional installation services on or mulch saving you the back ache of spreading it throughout your yard! All PSK Landscape Supply Mulches are colored with environmentally friendly dyes. At Pine Straw King Landscape Supply, we only use non-toxic, water-based colorants, and binders to dye our mulches.

$35.00 / yard

$65.00 / yard – installed

$34.00 / yard

$64.00 / yard – installed

$34.00 / yard

$64.00 / yard – installed

$37.00 / yard

$67.00 / yard – installed

$37.00 / yard

$67.00 / yard – installed

$27.00 / yard

$57.00 / yard – installed

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Most frequent questions and answers

What is Mulch?

There are two types of mulches, organic and inorganic. The vast majority of consumers use organic mulch, which is made from different types of ground up wood, and helps retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and prevent erosion. Mulch also beautifies a landscape and is available in different colors. Organic mulches also help improve the soil’s structure and texture, retain and increase nutrients, as well as regulate soil temperature.

As the premier Marietta mulch supplier, Pine Straw King (PSK Landscape Supply) is where to go for bulk mulch in Marietta. We also offer bulk mulch delivery to our clients at competitive rates. delivery.

How Does Bulk Mulch Compare to Bagged Mulch?

Customers are often unsure if it’s better to opt for bagged or bulk mulch. One thing to consider before you order your supply of mulch is that bagged mulch is more expensive than buying in bulk. This is especially true even if you only have a relatively small area to cover. There’s only around 5 sq. ft at a 3 in depth of mulch in a given bag costing $3.50. This being said, it would cost around $67 for a yard  (100 sq. ft of mulch) when bought in bags. On average our Bulk colored mulch sells for around $30.00 per yard. That’s an savings of $37 per yard when you buy mulch with PSK Landscape supply. Bulk mulch is a cheaper fresher alternative. Pine Straw King sells all our premium quality as a Marietta mulch supplier in bulk amounts because we believe in providing our clients with more for less.

What are Common Uses for Mulch?

Mulches are used to retain soil moisture, suppress the growth of weeds, and prevent soil erosion. It is also commonly used for landscape aesthetics and to regulate soil temperature. Mulches are applied to the soil’s surface, spread around trees, flower beds, and even laid on pathways. At Pine Straw King landscape Supply, we go beyond selling the best quality mulches and offer guidance on how and where to install them to enjoy all their benefits. So, if you’re looking for a Marietta mulch supplier, call and talk to our expert team about your options or place an order for pick-up or delivery.

Mulch for Weed Control

A two to three-inch layer of mulch helps suppress the growth of weeds in your garden. By thoroughly covering the soil with mulch, you deprive the weeds of light and also prevent those new seeds from gaining a foothold in the soil. Mulch also slows evaporation by acting as a barrier between the ground and sunlight. Dew moisture and rainwater are trapped in the fibers of the mulch, thereby keeping the soil underneath wet longer. Through this process, mulch regulates the soil temperature and increases its ability to retain water and nutrients.

How to Apply Mulch

Many do not realize there is a right and wrong way to lay mulch. As mentioned, a common mistake is not applying enough. To control the growth of weeds and retain soil moisture, you must apply two to three-inches of mulch to the soil. You also must ensure sure the mulch isn’t covering your desired plants, as it can limit their growth just like weeds. Also, because organic mulches decay and become soil nutrients, you have to replace your mulch from time to time. Make it a rule to add an inch of mulch to your soil yearly or bi-yearly, either in spring or fall. A pitchfork and wheelbarrow can be your best friend when spreading big amounts of mulch around your home.

Benefits of Bulk Mulch

Buying mulch in bulk is much cheaper than in bags. Bulk mulch also offers you a way to get precisely as much as you’ll need. Even a relatively modest space can end up needing a lot more mulch than the average person would expect. A uniform two to three-inch layer of mulch is needed to control weed growth, prevent soil erosion, and retain soil moisture.

How to Apply Mulch

You can buy any of our products Online, Over the phone, or in person at our physical location. Our Pine Straw King Landscape Supply mulch is of the very best quality you’ll find in the State of Georgia. We are also the premier supplier of high-quality wood mulch in the north Atlanta area and Marietta.Our prices are competitive, even among other Marietta mulch suppliers, and buying in bulk already saves you a ton over buying in bags. So call on us for your bulk supply of high-quality organic mulch. Our team will also go beyond just supplying you to guide you in the best plan for your project. 

As the premier Marietta mulch supplier, Pine Straw King (PSK Landscape Supply) is where to go for bulk mulch in Marietta. We also offer bulk mulch delivery to our clients at competitive rates. delivery.

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