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Bulk Mulch for: Delivery, Installation, and Pickup in Cobb County and Surrounding Areas

PSK Offers: Brown, Black, Red, Cypress, Mini Nugget and Plain Mulch

We deliver and / or install thousands of yards of mulch per year in Cobb County and surrounding areas. We have easy online ordering and Scheduling! Hassle free, from a trusted local family run business.

Offered Mulch Options

Experience the ease of beautifying your landscape with PSK Landscape Supply Cobb County

Brown Mulch

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Black Mulch

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Red Mulch

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Plain Mulch

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Pine Bark Mini Nuggets

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Cypress Mulch

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Affordable double ground mulch with non-toxic dyes. ALL NATURAL options available.

Colored mulches Brown, Black, and Red are Double ground with non- toxic dyes. Its all in the grind, a double ground mulch looks better and the color last longer! Don't fall for chunky mulch!

Cypress, Plain and Mini Nuggets: These are our all-natural options. Cypress trees are ground up and have a natural yellow/gold color! Plain mulch is the most affordable and natural looking option.

Mini nuggets are small ½ in to 1.25 inch pieces of bark from a pine tree. Offering a different natural look than other the mulches. Our mini nuggets are the perfect size. Not to big, not to small!

Service Area

Proudly serving our comprehensive services in the following areas:

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Don't know how many yards you need? Use our handy calculator!

Calculating the number of yards you require for your mulch project is straightforward. First, measure the length and width of each area you intend to cover. Sum up all the lengths to get the total length, and do the same for the widths to obtain the total width. Depth will not be added, simply type the desired depth for all areas. Input these totals into our calculator in this section to quickly determine the exact number of yards needed for your landscaping project.

Typical depth is 3-4 inches for 1 layer of mulch. Please consider depth when calculating how much material you need.

How many yards do I need?

What is a Yard of Mulch: Visualization Guide

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Fast and Reliable Delivery

Delivery times vary by season. The top of our website always displays current delivery times. Typically during our busy season (Spring and early Summer), deliveries range from 2-5 days. Delivery times significantly decrease in Late Summer and Fall. Using the note section on the check-out page you can specify where your product should be dumped.

Who We Are

As a family-owned bulk landscaping materials business, Pine Straw King Landscape Supply has been serving Marietta, Georgia, and surrounding areas since 1998. We are renowned for our diverse selection of high-quality landscaping materials, embodying the vibrant spirit of Georgia's landscaping culture. Over the years, we've catered to homeowners and large landscaping crews alike, extending our services beyond Marietta to locations such as East Cobb, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Roswell, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions

How long does it take for mulch delivery?

Delivery times vary by season. Average delivery time is displayed at the top of all pages on the website for your reference. Typically during our busy season (Spring and early Summer), deliveries range from 2-4 business days. Delivery times significantly decrease in Late Summer and Fall. Updated delivery times are displayed on the top of each website page as mentioned. Using the note section on the check-out page, you may request for us to call ahead before delivery or to specify where your product should be dumped or stacked.

Where do we dump the mulch upon delivery?

We typically dump landscape materials at the end of the driveway away from the garage. We do not drive our truck onto the grass and only utilize the driveway of the property. You may specify your preferred dumping location in the notes section of the check-out page. If there are any discrepancies upon arrival, we will give you a call.

How can I find out if you deliver mulch to my area? What is the cost?

On this page (above) and on each product page, there is a box displayed for you to enter your address. Simply type in your address in this box and it will display the delivery price for the item based on the address entered. If your address is located outside of our delivery zone, please give us a call to see if we can make arrangements. Products are available for pick up in store.

How Does Bulk Mulch Compare to Bagged Mulch?

Customers are often unsure if it’s better to opt for bagged or bulk mulch. One thing to consider before you order your supply of mulch is that bagged mulch is more expensive than buying in bulk. This is especially true even if you only have a relatively small area to cover. There’s only around 5 sq. ft at a 3 in depth of mulch in a given bag costing $3.50. Thats a $20 plus savings per yard when you buy bulk! On average our Bulk colored mulch sells for around $34.00 per yard. Bulk mulch is a cheaper fresher alternative. Because we Go through so much mulch its made fresh on a weekly basis. Bagged mulch may have been made months in advance sitting around and loosing color.

Can I order mulch online?

Yes! We have worked very hard to bring you online ordering for all of our landscaping materials. Browse our products and services to buy online. It has never been easier to order bulk landscaping materials to your home!

Can I place a mulch order over the phone?

Yes! Our expert team is here to help. Give us a call today and we will answer any questions you may have, set up a delivery or schedule you for an installation service. 770-792-0090

Can I pick up mulch from your location in my own vehicle

Yes! We are a full-service bulk landscape supply materials shop located in Marietta, Georgia. Bring your truck or trailer, drive in and we will load it up with our machine loader.

How many square feet will a yard of mulch cover?

A yard of mulch will typically cover 100 sq. ft at a 2-3” depth. Use our materials calculator above or on each product page to help you figure out how much mulch you will need to order for your project.

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