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When it comes to the colder months of the year, stay warm with quality bulk Marietta firewood from Pine Straw King Landscape Supply.  The logs that we cut our firewood from have been cut for over the year. We cut from these logs before fall and winter into pieces making the wood Partly Seasoned, meaning that it burns well for long periods of time. Once winter hits this partly seasoned wood runs out quick and you will be receiving more of a fresh cut of wood. This wood burns well for long periods of time but will take a little more effort to start the fire initially.  Order firewood for delivery by the cord or half cord only. A half cord of firewood will typically cover a 4 x 8 x 2 foot area totaling 64 Cu. feet. A full will cover of 4 x 8 x 4 foot area totaling 128 Cu. Feet. Pick up firewood by the stack (18 pieces) or by the pick-up truck load at our Marietta location (SEE PRICES BELOW).  Marietta Firewood is ready to burn today for the colder months of the year.


Firewood Can be Purchased By The Stack OR Truck Load At our Retail Location!

1 stack (16 Pieces)                 $10.00

Small Pick-up Truck < 6ft      $85.00

Pickup truck w/ 6 foot bed    $125.00

Pickup truck w/ 8 foot bed    $160.00

(Firewood sold by the truck load will fill the entire truck bed slightly over the top. We place wood in the truck bed and do not stack it.)

Marietta Firewood

Marietta firewood is ready to burn for your household heating needs. We cut our wood into triangular pieces to make it easier to burn at home. Skip the work and get your wood supply from PSK today! Marietta firewood ignites easily and burns well for long, warm, and enjoyable fires. This wood is perfect for heating your home, enjoying a cozy fire in the fireplace, or even sitting around a fire pit in the yard.

It is essential to store Marietta firewood properly to maintain its dryness. You’ll want to leave it exposed, so you don’t trap moisture in the woodpile. Be sure to keep the wood elevated, and preferably in a woodshed to allow for proper air circulation and prevent rain from soaking it. Our triangular-shaped wood pieces make for easy stacking and transport, so you’ll have no problem managing and restocking your woodpile.

Don’t worry about transporting your order of Marietta firewood! We offer delivery throughout Metro Atlanta,  Enjoy a cozy, lasting fire, without all the work and hassle of acquiring and cutting your own wood. We happily take care of you at Pine Straw King Landscape Supply with friendly staff and service.

We source the highest quality Marietta firewood, to Metro Atlanta, GA.

We ensure a fast and reliable delivery to your home. Our drivers are experienced and friendly

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