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River Rock
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 Bulk Pile of Pea Gravel for Landscaping - Pine Straw King Marietta Bulk Pile of 4-8 Inch River Rock - Durable Stone from Pine Straw King Hand Holding Egg Rock #4 - Detailed View for Landscaping by PSK Bulk Pile of Egg Rock for Landscape Design - Pine Straw King Supply Close-Up of Granite Gravel in Hand - Quality Landscaping Material by PSK
River Rock 4-8"
Large 4-8 Inch River Rock in Bulk - Ideal for Landscaping by PSK
$135 - Per Ton
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River Rock 2-4"
Variety of 2-4 Inch River Rock in Bulk - Pine Straw King Selection
$120 - Per Ton
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River Rock (Egg Rock) #4
Close View of Egg Rock #4 in Hand - Quality Stone by Pine Straw King
$130 - Per Ton
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River Gravel (Egg Rock) #5
Hand Displaying River Gravel #5 - Fine Landscaping Rock by PSK
$110 - Per Ton
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Pea Gravel #7
Detailed View of Pea Gravel in Hand - Premium Quality from Pine Straw King
$110 - Per Ton
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Your Marietta Source for Quality River Rock & Landscaping Materials

Finding a trustworthy landscaping supplier can definitely be difficult, but thankfully for you Pine Straw King Landscape Supply makes it easy. From bulk river rocks to pea gravel, granite sand to granite gravel; we’ve got you covered! Proudly located in Marietta, we are the premier bulk river rock supplier for a wide variety of landscaping needs. At PSK Landscape Supply, we focus on your needs as much as we do on our business. We prioritize our customers over anything else, providing the best quality bulk river rock in Marietta at highly competitive rates. We’ve been proudly serving Marietta and surrounding areas for over 20 years.Call us today for your bulk supply of river rock, pea gravel, river gravel (egg rock), and we’ll deliver it directly to your doorstep. If you have any questions or concerns, our team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals is here to help guide you as well.

Affordable Atlanta & Marietta River Rock - Your Questions Answered

What Are River Rocks

Dried river beds are the primary source of river gravel or river rocks, commonly known as egg rock or pea gravel depending on their size. Rivers change course due to various natural and man-made factors, but are mainly caused by earthquakes and other tectonic activities which leave behind dried river beds.The rocks in these riverbeds are then collected, washed, sized, and sorted in facilities using specialized equipment.River rocks may come in a variety of colors such as tan, white, and brown. Usually, the colors are a mix of assorted earth tones.

What are the uses of Marietta River Rocks

River rocks are generally used in outdoor landscaping for both their aesthetics and functionality. Primary applications for river rocks include creating a leveling base for making walkways or patios, erosion control, and even paving driveways. When purchasing river rock, never opt for pre-bagged options as they can be up to six times more expensive than the average bulk order from a supplier. Placing bulk orders can help to reduce the costs associated with landscaping, as well as ensuring you have an abundant supply available for all of your different projects and needs!

  • Decorative Purposes for Erosion Control

    River rocks play a vital role in both landscape decoration and erosion control. Locations such as slopes, non-vegetated areas, and areas near naturally flowing water are more susceptible to water erosion, especially during periods of heavier rainfall. River rocks installed at greater depths are better equipped to control erosion, while those used for decorative landscaping only tend to superficially protect the surface. When used strategically, Marietta river rocks can effectively limit water flow, minimizing erosion.
  • Building Dry Creek Beds

    Dry creek beds serve two purposes – giving a charming appeal to the yard, as well as water drainage. A dry creek bed mimics the environment of a natural riverside, complete with a river rock-lined trench and edged with small plants. These dry creek beds are an effective way to reduce runoff and prevent erosion. Did we mention that they look fantastic as well?
  • Walkways

    A stone-forged path instantly creates the impression of cute cottages and enchanting gardens, and you can add the same magic to your own yard by crafting a river rock walkway. While aesthetically pleasing, don’t forget to keep functionality in mind too. The larger the river rocks you use, the more difficult it is to walk across them. Ideally, egg rocks that are 1/4th inch or smaller are ideal for use in creating walkways. These smaller egg or river rocks may also go by the name pea gravel.
  • Substitute for Mulch/Bark

    Marietta River rocks make an excellent substitute for mulch/bark. Not only do they increase the visual appeal of the soil and help retain its moisture, but river rocks are also better at preventing erosion as well. Unlike mulch or bark that require frequent replacement, river rocks can last several lifetimes with little maintenance.

Different Types of River Rocks and Their Sizes and Coverage

River rocks are categorized into different types depending on their size and coverage area. Here are the key details to keep in mind:

  • River Gravel #4: Also known as egg rocks, these river rocks are between ¼ inch and one ¼ inch. One ton of river gravel can cover an area of 100 sq ft at a depth of two inches.
  • Egg Rock #5: These egg rocks come sized between ¼ inch and one inch. One ton of these rocks covers an area of 100 sq ft at a depth of two inches.
  • River Rock (2 inches to 3 inches): These river rocks are larger, between two and three inches. One ton of these rocks covers an area of 80 sq ft at a depth of two inches
  • River Rock (4 inches to 8 inches): Much larger still, between four and eight inches, these river rocks can cover an area of 50 sq ft at a depth of six inches. These rocks have an average thickness of six inches.
  • Pea Gravel: These are small pebbles, about the size of a thumbnail. One ton of pea gravel can cover an area of 100 sq ft at a depth of two inches.

What Colors Do Marietta River Rocks Come In

Marietta River rocks come in a wide range of colors, although they typically come in a variety of earth tones such as light brown, dark brown, tan, and beige. Pea gravel, used for walkway construction, tends to come in the same colors. However, unlike other river rocks, pea gravel may be white as well.

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