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Landscape Timbers #2

$28.95 / Per Timber

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Pressure Treated Timbers for Marietta Landscaping

psk: At Pine Straw King Landscape Supply, we specialize in supplying premium quality pressure-treated timbers, an essential component for a wide array of landscaping projects in Marietta, Georgia. These timbers are ideal for a range of applications, from framing stone-filled steps and crafting unique garden beds to constructing sturdy retaining walls. Their durability and strength make them a reliable choice for effectively managing water run-off and building water bars. Our pressure-treated landscape timbers are celebrated for their versatility and resilience, ensuring that any structure you build can endure both time and weather. They are not only practical for structural needs but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping projects. Additionally, we understand the importance of convenience in your landscaping endeavors, which is why we offer a comprehensive delivery service for our pressure-treated timbers. Whether it's for a small home garden project or a larger commercial landscape venture, our delivery service ensures that you receive the high-quality timbers you need directly at your site, making your project more manageable and efficient. Trust Pine Straw King Landscape Supply for all your timber needs in Marietta, and enjoy the benefits of our top-notch products and reliable delivery service.

Ideal for Commercial and Home Landscaping

Marietta's landscape timbers are ideal for both commercial and residential projects due to their ease of use and flexibility in construction. Their simplicity and versatility make them accessible for DIY enthusiasts and professional builders alike. An economical choice, these timbers are perfect for creating long-lasting, season-resistant landscaping features. From edging garden areas to building small walls, their utility in enhancing outdoor spaces is unmatched.

Complement Your Projects with Accessories

In addition to landscape timbers, Pine Straw King Landscape Supply also offers 10"-12" stakes to complement your timber projects. These accessories make assembling garden beds, stairs, and retaining walls simpler, enhancing the overall ease and efficiency of your project. Our wide range of landscaping offerings ensures that you have all the necessary components for your outdoor constructions.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Quality Timbers

Our pressure-treated landscape timbers are designed to transform your outdoor area from mundane to extraordinary. With minimal effort, you can create tiered garden beds, benches, walkways, or steps, all utilizing our high-quality timbers. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality landscape timbers in Georgia, ensuring your outdoor projects are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

Reliable Delivery and Easy Online Ordering

Experience the convenience of ordering from Pine Straw King Landscape Supply. Our user-friendly online ordering system and quality, friendly service make purchasing landscape timbers a breeze. We offer reliable delivery services straight to your door, ensuring your landscaping materials arrive promptly and ready for use. Contact us or place your order online today to start building your dream outdoor space with our exceptional pressure-treated timbers.


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