Landscape Timbers #3

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Marietta landscape timbers are high-quality cross ties perfect for a variety of landscaping projects. They are 8 foot long 6(in) x 6(in) pressure-treated wood timbers that are incredibly sturdy and versatile. Simple and reliable, these timbers are suitable for all kinds of landscaping needs. They are an excellent material for creating retaining walls, raised garden beds, picnic tables, benches, tiers, and can even be used in slope reinforcement. At Pine Straw King Landscape Supply, our Marietta landscape timbers are pressure-treated to prevent rot, wear, and damage to keep your work looking new year after year. A #2 pressure treated timber will have 3 good sides to work with, while a #3 timber only has around 2 good sides to work with.

Marietta Landscape Timbers

Many projects require pressure treated timbers, such as framing in steps to fill with stone, chips, or mulch. You can also create various garden beds or separate garden areas by edging or building small walls. Marietta landscape timbers are also great as water bars or for directing water run-off from buildings or slopes. There are endless projects they can be used for, and you’ll find that our pressure-treated timbers are premium quality and have the durability to help give you peace of mind well after your project is complete.

Marietta landscape timbers are ideal for building and stacking and are widely used in both commercial and home projects. They are simple to use, and their versatility makes them easy for anyone to build with. It is an economical and accessible choice if you are looking for your landscaping to last throughout the seasons.

Here at Pine Straw King Landscape Supply, we can also supply 10″-12″ stakes for your timber project if needed. You’ll find that putting together garden beds, stairs, and retaining walls is easily accomplished thanks to our large variety of landscaping offerings.

Our Marietta landscape timbers’ look and versatility will turn your outdoor space from boring to desirable with minimal time and effort. Your yard can quickly have tiered garden beds, benches, walkways, or even steps, all created with high-quality, pressure-treated landscape timbers. You won’t find better quality anywhere in Georgia, or possibly the country! We can deliver our product straight to your door with quality, friendly, and reliable service. Give us a call or use our online order system today!


Timber are 8 feet (long), 6 in (width) x 6 in (height)

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