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Bulk Pea Gravel Display - Ideal for Landscaping from Pine Straw King Bulk Pile of Granite Gravel #57 - Durable Landscaping Material by PSK Hand Holding Egg Rock #4 - Versatile Landscaping Stone from PSK Bulk Pile of Fine Granite Sand - High-Quality by Pine Straw King Close-Up of Crush n Run Gravel in Hand - PSK Landscape Supplies
Granite Gravel #56/57
Holding Granite Gravel - Quality Stone for Marietta Landscapes by PSK
$52 - Per Ton
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Crush n Run Gravel
Detailed View of Crush n Run Gravel in Hand - Pine Straw King Materials
$52 - Per Ton
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Granite Sand
Sample of Granite Sand Held in Hand - Fine Texture by PSK
$52 - Per Ton
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Rip Rap type 3
Holding Rip Rap Type 3 Stone - Durable Erosion Control by PSK
$72 - Per Ton
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Large Slate Chips
Large Slate Chips for Landscaping in Hand - Pine Straw King Selection
$140 - Per Ton
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Medium Slate Chips
 Medium Slate Chips Demonstrated in Hand - PSK's Landscaping Variety
$140 - Per Ton
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Mini Slate Chips
Mini Slate Chips Close-Up in Hand - Decorative Stone by PSK
$140 - Per Ton
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River Gravel (Egg Rock) #4
Hand Displaying River Gravel (Egg Rock) #4 - Pine Straw King Supplies
$130 - Per Ton
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River Gravel (Egg Rock) #5
Holding Egg Rock #5 River Gravel - Quality Landscaping Material by PSK
$110 - Per Ton
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Pea Gravel #7
Sample of Pea Gravel #7 in Hand - Pine Straw King Fine Gravel Selection
$110 - Per Ton
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Explore Our Extensive Range of Gravel in Marietta, GA

Are you looking for a Georgia landscaping supplier around Marietta for bulk supply of quality gravel in different colors and sizes. At Pine Straw King (PSK) Landscape Supply, we are the premium bulk Marietta gravel supplier that delivers in Metro Atlanta. We offer a variety of landscaping gravel, such as granite gravel, granite sand (M-10), river gravel, pea gravel, and more. River Gravel is a smaller brown, tan, beige, white type of river rock. In general, the term river gravel refers to stones smoothed via erosion. The assorted accents of brown beige and tan color of egg rock can significantly enhance the beauty of your landscape. For example, adding river gravel to a to a dry creek bed enhances the overall aesthetic adding color to the larger river rocks that offer a brown color only. Granite gravel is used manly in construction projects, driveways, and erosion control. Whatever your needs we got you covered with rock solid service! Choose an item below to review more detailed information about the product or to schedule a delivery online.

What is Granite Gravel Used For

Uses for Granite Gravel.

Granite Gravel is primarily used when in outdoor landscaping construction projects, such as for driveways, erosion control, while also being used as a base for leveling when making stone patios and walkways.

  • Decorative Material : Laying gravel or river gravel on your driveway or walkway makes for a beautiful decorative ground cover replacing previous dirt pathways.
  • Drainage and Erosion Control: Laying river rocks of various on a slop acts as a speed breaker for running groundwater. The rocks hinder the flow of the water and prevent it from washing away soil.
  • Substitute for Bark/Mulch: Egg rock / river gravel are a suitable substitute for mulch and can be applied to serve the same purposes, being stones they also have the advantage of not needing replacement over time like with mulch materials.
  • Construction : Engineers use granite gravel and granite sand (M-10) to construct patios, sidewalks, driveways, and stone walls.
  • Landscaping and Interior Design: River gravel can be used to fill a patio base, make a flower garden border, and create a bed in and around ponds

How Long Does Gravel Last?

All gravel lasts much longer than mulch. While the lack of decay and decomposition limits the growth benefits, river rock looks good year after year, regularly lasting six years before needing replacement.

Pea Gravel and River Gravel.

Pea gravel are small rounded thumbsize stones stones used in the construction of concrete surfaces, sometimes known as “pea shingle.” People most commonly use pea gravel and river gravel to have a decorative base for driveways and walkways or to help add color to flowerpots and outdoor landscaping. River gravel used varies in size from ¼ inches to 1 ¼ inches.

Uses for Pea Gravel / River Gravel.

Pea gravel is quite small and smooth, which makes it suitable for playgrounds, patio bases, walkways, driveways, and as bedding for drainage. A well-spread layer of pea gravel helps prevent the growth of weeds by blocking sunlight from getting to the soil. It also prevents new seeds from reaching the soil. Other uses for pea gravel include:

  • Decorative Material: Flower garden border, bedding in an aquarium, or filling a vase.
  • Walkways and Driveways: Some people opt for a pea gravel walkway or driveway instead of the traditional asphalt and concrete.
  • Patio Base: For this application, pea gravel is used most effectively for brick patio or concrete block retaining wall purposes.
  • Substitute for Bark/Mulch: Pea gravel is a popular substitute for inorganic mulch and can be applied to serve many of the same purposes as organic mulch, but for a longer time.

How to Apply What colors of Granite Gravel, River Gravel and Pea Gravel do we Carry?

Our Granite gravel is light and dark grey with a light denim blue accent, while our River gravel and pea gravel is a white, brown, tan, beige. Our pea gravel also includes some white stones in the mix.

Why Bulk Gravel is Better Than Bagged Gravel.

River rock and pea gravel are usually much more expensive than mulches. Buying in bulk is, on average, six times cheaper than buying in bags. Not only that but buying in bulk leaves you with exactly as much as you need to construct your walkway, driveway, garden border, or stone wall. Bulk River rock is generally cheap than palletized rock saving you money via dump deliveries where a forklift is not required.

Why You Should Buy from PSK Landscape Supply?

At Pine Straw King Landscape Supply, we deliver the best quality gravel in Marietta at a highly competitive rate that is the very best you’ll find in Georgia. Whatever quantity you need, call on us for your bulk supply of river gravel (egg rock), pea gravel, and. We will deliver your order quickly and help guide you if you need it.

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