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We deliver bulk landscaping material to Marietta, East Cobb, West Cobb, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Town Lake, Canton, Roswell, Alpharetta and more. Our experienced drivers will dump or or stack your order in a convenient location. When it comes to Georgia landscape supply Materials we are logistics experts. We can handle any size order big or small. Not only do we specialize in  home owner delivery, we also provide logistics for bulk tandem contractor delivery as well for well. We have created a unique service in which you can order all of our products online making it easier than ever to get the landscaping supplies you need to your home.

We have a fleet of trucks

Any size order. We have you covered!

How long does it take for delivery?

Delivery times vary by season. The top of our website always displays current delivery times.  Typically during our busy season (Spring and early Summer), deliveries range from 2-10 days. Delivery times significantly decrease in Late Summer and Fall. Don’t worry! We will send you an e-mail notification letting you know that your order is on the way the day of delivery. Using the note section on the check-out page you can specify where your product should be dumped or stacked. 

Dump Delivery

Mulch,Rock, Dirt, Soil, Sand

  • We delivery only one type of product per truck load to prevent mixing of bulk products.
  • If you are in a gated home, community or job site, the gate has to be a minimum of 10 feet long.
  • We typically dump landscape materials at the end of the driveway away from the garage. We do not drive our truck onto the grass and only utilize the driveway of the property.
  • You may specify your preferred dumping location in the notes section of the check-out page.
  • All dumping locations are at the discrepancy of the driver.
  • We do not dump material on any Main roads, and like to avoid dumping in community roads as well for safety reasons.

Long Needle Pine Straw Delivery

  • Typically, we stack pine straw at the end of your driveway away from the garage.
  • We carry the pine straw a maximum of 15 feet away from the truck.
  • We do not carry pine straw to specified areas in the yard or to the back yard.
  • We will stack your straw neatly, so it does not obstruct daily activities.
  • You may specify your preferred stacking location in the notes section of the check-out page as long as it does not infringe on the rules listed above

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 3:30pm

Saturday: 7:30am – 1:00pm

Sunday: Closed

Order Online!

Order all of our Landscape Supply materials and services online.  Convenient, easy and secure. Choose your shipping date and select a time frame for your order. 

We Deliver All of our products straight to your home.

We offer affordable delivery on all our products. We can handle small and big orders.  We have experienced drivers and fast turn around times. We deliver to areas such as Marietta, East cobb, West Cobb, Woodstock, Kennesaw, Roswell, Alpharetta and more. Check out our delivery map on each product page to calculate delivery cost to your home. 


Trust Our Quality Installation Service

We are professionals when it comes to long needle pine straw and mulch installation. Just like our products, we offer our installation services with value. With PSK landscape supply you don’t have to find the product and the service from separate companies. Check out our installation videos to see our reliable work!   

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Can’t find the information you are looking for online? Our expert team is here to help.

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